Always a pleasure ordering from these guys. Super fast service, always friendly, and always letting me know the latest deals or products that are in. Also incase ur wondering their edibles are delicious can’t ever forget that caramel popcorn 🙏🏽 Highly recommend!…. Had to come back and edit this review after I had made it all of the sudden it’s like the business didn’t care to make my experience a good one. Three times they ignored my messages until the next day. My delivery times would be pushed and pushed and then re scheduled till the next day although it says same day delivery. They messed up my order on multiple different occasions then the last time I ordered from them the order was wrong and off not to my favour then they kindly came back to fix it and messed it up again, this was the last time I decided to order from them was just tired of the inconsistency and never knowing if my order would actually show up because of lack of communication. Never gave any apologies or incentive to continue with them. One time they actually told me it was my fault because I placed it after the cut off time which they had decided to change to an hour before what they website said because they were busy which I totally understand untill I went back in my messages and saw that I had still placed the order before the adjusted cut off time it’s just that they never answered the 2 messages I had sent throughout the night trying to get an update on my order. Great product staff are nice but as delivery and communication goes not worth the trouble if you are looking for a good delivery service I’d recommend just going to a different store. The Oz store now there’s a good delivery service!! They have taken my business gracefully and never let me down since!

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