usually I have a good experience here, however their website is almost never updated, Prices on the website do not reflect prices in store. Example several times now I have gone in to buy and the product online has said $30, go into the store and its $35. when I buy $30 in the store it comes to roughly 32. I wonder why it differs on certain days? Might need to take a break from this store as I value where and how I spend my money. See you in the future my friends, once you get the website figured out. If you need a techie to help, id be happy to volunteer. *response to owners comment* the display case in store says 35, while online it says something different. the MAIN issue is the fact of all the MISSING product altogether between website and store. example: yesterday it said there was TWO types of ground 7g's in stock, i go into the store and there are 7 different types of product. you realize you are potentially LOSING customers from these errors. I like the staff and am willing to over look this, but as a business owner MYSELF, this is the kind of things i need to know to correct in order to keep customer flow. if i were someone who didnt know the store and the website discrepancies I wouldnt go to the store as I would assume from viewing online that the ONLY 2 products you have are whats advertised. thus I miss out on maybe buying product because it was not listed. and you cant even online order it if its not there to order. does that make sense? If i were to be missing out on posting sales on my own website I would deter customers, they would assume I do not have what they need and there goes income for me. same applies to your store. Id love to work here legit and run the website accurately. I dont intend on stopping my shopping here, i love the staff, seriously great people!*

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