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How to make Marijuana butter

How to make Marijuana butter

Marijuana butter, otherwise called cannabutter originates from the combination of “cannabis” and “butter.” Marijuana butter is infused with active cannabinoids to be used for cooking. It’s simple to make cannabis butter and requires no specific skill level. To make cannabutter, you need to be careful. If you can avoid making common mistakes, then it will be a fun and rewarding activity that can be done and enjoyed at home.

The primary ingredients for cannabutter include;

  • Cannabis
  • Butter

The type of cannabis used in making cannabis butter will determine if it will be potent or not. Cannabis with high amounts of THC will result to very potent cannabis butter, while cannabis with high CBD will result in less potent cannabutter. Cannabis butter can also be made using hemp, which is well known for its healing properties.

The ratio of the cannabis to butter dictates the taste and potency of your cannabutter. You have to ensure not to fill to use excess butter or excess cannabis.

The recommended amount to use is;

  • 1oz cannabis – that’s about 28g
  • 1lb butter – that’s about 450g

You can still use 18g (dried, decarboxylated) cannabis in 250g butter, and it will still result in a good mixture. Keep in mind to calculate the dosage and ensure you are doing the mixture of your choice.  

The essential equipment for cannabutter include;

  • Boiling water
  • Stovetop

Steps to make marijuana butter

1- Decarboxylate the cannabis

Decarboxylating cannabis reestablishes the healthy ingredients of the plant. This usually consist of applying heat to the cannabis for some time.

Grind your cannabis plant into considerable sizes, while ensuring that its not too powdery. You can use a hand grinder or a blender to grind the cannabis into small pieces quickly.

Layout the grounded cannabis on a flat material and spread it out. 

Bake in grounded cannabis in an oven at about 105°C for about half an hour. Bake it until it becomes dry and dark while ensuring it doesn’t become scorched.

2- Make the cannabutter

Fill your saucepan with enough water to ensure that your cannabis wont loose water over 3 hours of gentle cooking. Before adding water, consider the type of pan used and ensure to use water considerably.

When the water reaches boiling point, add the butter to the boiling water and melt completely.

Use a spoon to stir the decarboxylated cannabis. After that, gently simmer your mixture for 3 hours, using less heat, so that it is just partially bubbling.

Ensure to stir the mixture frequently so that the water doesn’t dry off. While mixing, you will notice that the combination will change from watery to thick and glossy.

3- Sieve and separate

Sieve your mixture into a glass bowl.

Pour the mixture on a sieve and squeeze out all of the liquid into a glass bowl.

Place glass bowl into a refrigerator and remove it when the top of the liquid solidifies. This makes it easy to lift the cannabis from the top and use. Use a knife to carefully remove the cannabutter by inserting it around the edges until it becomes free.

Enjoy your cannabis butter by combining it with many recipes and ideas.

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