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Cana Cabana Cannabis Dispensary 

22 km from the Canadian capital, Ottawa, Ontario, lies the beautiful suburb of Kanata. It is known for its famous Marshes Golf Club and hi-tech business parks. Kanata is home to the legendary Canadian Tire Center. Recently, this beautiful place had another specialty added under its name. It is none other than the new Cana Cabana store in your suburb, Kanata. 

Store location

The Cana Cabana store, Kanata, is surrounded by all the natural beauty you could think. The store is a walk away from Brookshire Park, Halton Park, and Juanita Snelgrove Park. It is located on March Road and Klondike Road.

The most exciting thing about the location of the Cana Cabana store, Kanata, is that it is nearby many recreational points. If you plan to hike at the famous South March Highlands Conservation Forest, you will have your favorite cannabis dispensary nearby.

Or, if you wish to Shirly’s Bay, you can surely make a stop at the Cana Cabana store on your way. Many products that can lift your mood for the day await you on the shelves of Cana Cabana. 

Services are offered at Canna Cabana Kanata.

A cannabis dispensary is a cannabis lover’s, first love. Here, you will find everything you desire as a cannabis lover. Flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, you name it, Cana Cabana has it. 

It is a perfect spot for people who are done with the same old smoking ritual and want to try something new. At the same time, it is heaven for those who have already had a good time with cannabis. In short, the store can cater to all kinds of people and needs. A few of the many categories they offer are:

  • Flower

If you visit the store or website, you will see that Cana Cabana’s collection is unparalleled. Significantly, the dried flower collection is quite versatile. It is a classic favorite used in smoking, bongs, pipes, and cooking.

  • Concentrates

Even if you are looking for extracts, Cana Cabana got you covered. In this category, they offer all kinds of concentrates. These include shatters, dabs, wax, butter, honey, and rosin. As per the norm of the extracts, they have considerably high THC content.

All the concentrates sold at Cana Cabana stores are obtained from premium flowers. Due to their considerable THC concentration, their effect is quite strong. People use concentrates for vaping. Apart from that, widespread use of concentrates is seen in dab rigs. As the popularity of dabbing rises, so does the use of concentrates. 

  • Edibles

CBD gummies, soft chews, and beverages are, hands down, the risk-free way of consuming them. Cana Cabana store has a wide variety of edibles and drinks containing CBD and THC. The edible section is the most colorful and attractive portion of a cannabis store.

At Cana Cabana, you will find every edible n this section, including gummies, truffles, chocolates, and cookies. They are a great alternative to other ways of consuming cannabis. Plus, if you want to let go of smoking without letting go of cannabis, here is your cue to what you should have.

How much does it cost to buy? 

At Cana Cabana, the prices of products vary. As of their hot-sellers, they are sold at the following prices:

Funk Master Milled 

  • Funk Master Milled 

Market Price:

$30.99 (7g -$4.43 per gram )

Cana Cabana member price :

$22.95 (7g- $3.28 per gram)

Jean guy Strain

  • Jean-Guy

$89.75 / 28 grams ($3.21 per gram)

Purple Monkey Indica Cartridge

  • Purple Monkey Indica Cartridge

$28.85 / gram

  • 232 Series Live Terpene Stick (Kolab Project)

$16.35 / 0.5 gram

  • Afghan Black Hash (Vortex) 

$25.38/ 2 grams ($12.69 per gram) 



 Cana Cabana store stores are widespread across Canada. Their most trustworthy feature is their excellent following. All credits for this go to the top-notch products delivered at Cana Cabana. They never fail to surprise the consumers who leave such excellent reviews for the store. 

“Staff-product. Savings

Great staff, thousand products, ask a question, and they have the answer to that particular item. I’m a proud member. I recommend Canna to all my friends. And staff, when I pay, tell me how much I saved as a member. I always have to ask. Tell me, without asking. I get a buzz out of how much I kept.” (Rating: 5.0 )

“I love this place. They have good quality weed, a bit expensive, but it worth every penny” (Rating: 5.0 )

“Don’t know why people give bad reviews.

Very friendly and jovial attendants and vibes. No reason to hate or report. The staff also was just as promised” (Rating: 5.0) 

“My Favourite Spot

Quick service. The staff is THE BEST! Options are exactly what I bought, with no disappointment. And THEY’VE GOT OPTIONS. I recommend this spot to everyone I know!” (Rating: 5.0)

“Awesome place. Friendly staff!

Came in the other night. The place was busy, but no line. Staff was chill and didn’t pressure me to buy anything. Good selection of papers too.” (Rating: 5.0)

Bottom line

There might be a lot of cannabis dispensaries, but the options in Kanata are pretty limited. So, finding their favorite cannabis products in Kanata is always a task for local cannabis lovers. But not anymore, as everyone’s famous Cana Cabana is now open in Kanata. And it’s safe to say that the people of Kanata will not give a chance to any other cannabis dispensary now. 

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