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391 Bank St ottawa


45.4134735, -75.6945381



Stash & Co. is a human-centred & community-oriented cannabis brand aimed at de-stigmatizing & disarming the cannabis retail experience. We embody & cultivate a cannabis culture that is rooted in community, inclusivity, arts & music.


About Stash & Co.

Stash & Co. – Recreational Cannabis is a privately-owned cannabis store located in Centretown, Ottawa. With a second location opening in Merivale, Stash & Co. is rooted in embodying and encompassing cannabis culture that includes community, inclusivity, arts and music through every touchpoint with the customer. For more information on hours, directions and live menu, visit

8 Reviews


There is always one staff member who takes a minute to chat with me and it personalizes the experience. I appreciate it.

Ag Akill

I just want to say these folks are really wonderful. Ottawa feels weird these days, especially after this weekend, a lot of people around me have been questioning community and what it means to them - I consider the local weed store as a huge part of what I call community, and they make the bad times good. Big thanks to the folks at Stash and Co on Bank 💜

Franko G.

Came all way from Montreal with a couple of friends and we were blown away not only by the look of the store (being able to see your bud before buying is really cool) but also by the professionalism of the budtenders. The clerk was able to help me find the right vape cart for me and holy hell did he knock it out the park! Merci beaucoup!

Robert M.

I've made nice pot purchases at a number of other shops until I found this shop. I like other shops too, But whenever I'm in this part of the city I shop here. It's a convenient location for me and It's in walking distance. This pot shop? POT!!! is my favorite. Thanks man.


Very friendly staff always willing to lend a hand. The atmosphere is very welcoming and bright which I appreciate. Never feels like they are annoyed even as I ask too many questions

Alex Ashton

Friendly staff at Stash & Co - I was very pleased with the service and the choices available. I like the selection of apparel and the cute accessories to support the shop. Right now managing COVID protocols the shop does a fantastic job watching the walk-ins and managing how many customers are in at once. I happened to walk in later in the evening and it was really nice seeing a security officer right in the shop supervising the floor. Being right downtown Ottawa that was a great feeling knowing the company is protecting their business. I will definitely be going back 😊


They have great deals.. Their bud is always great quality and they have a variety of Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids, and they have a wide range of THC or CBD content. Their great staff and always friendly and polite they know their stuff when it comes to Cannibis They have delicious gummies and other infused products like drinks and chocolates and cookies. They sell bongs and other smoking tools. They have company merch that includes clothing and accessories and weed accessories. You can order online and pick up or go into the store and have any of the bus tenders help you make the right purchase for your needs. ❤️ Love this store

Candice D.

Great place. Nice staff. When they are open, I like that there is a separate area for people to pick up online orders so they don't have to wait in line with people who do not know what they want The one drawback I have found is that it can sometimes be hard to figure out where the line is. The flow of customers is not clearly marked. That may have changed since the pandemic begin. They also have curb-side pick up and excellent delivery when delivery is permitted.