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The Herbary: a Marijuana Dispensary in Ottawa to access well-being through nature… 🍁

In Ottawa, there is no shortage of marijuana dispensaries! But since you have the choice, you might as well push the door of a nicely laid out shop, which offers a full range of CBD products, concentrates and personalized advice, and where you will be welcomed with a smile, right? This guide is here to guide you to the best outlets, and today we’re talking about The Herbary. Your journey awaits! 

Located in the heart of Ontario, Ottawa, The Herbary also have locations in cities like London, Kingston, Nepean, and Whitehorse Yukon. You can also visit their webstore, which is quite user-friendly, order your favorite products, and have them delivered right to your door. The Herbary shop is necessarily on your itinerary during your shopping trips. Remember to stop at by, we guarantee that you will find the marijuana and CBD product you are looking for, and that The Herbary will become your new favorite marijuana dispensary!

The Herbary: a brand that needs no introduction

The Herbary  is present in different cities in Canada. Their success is based on their  professionalism, their range of products and their good advice. Beyond their range of products, we really hooked with The Herbary  for the level of knowledge of the sales teams and their philosophy. You have questions? Their customer support has answers for you. What’s more, their requirements in terms of brand selection, traceability and quality are up to what we expect. This shop is professional and we share their values.

A Ottawa marijuana dispensary placed under the sign of excitement

The positioning of The Herbary is resolutely focused on customers excitement and well-being. Moreover, the brand’s slogan is “ your journey awaits ”, whether for healthy products or more recreational products. The products offered are most often from organic farming and always carefully prepared.

You will thus be able to obtain products that only want you good and make the most of the potential therapeutic virtues of hemp… Whether it is to treat your ailments or give yourself a relaxing break. 

A varied range of products of very high quality 

In the The Herbary shop in Ottawa, everyone can find something to improve their well-being. All people from 18 to 88 years old can find what they are looking for!

As we said, you will also find products intended to improve your well-being, these products ranges from cartridges, pre-rolls, flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and vaporizers, the good news is that these products are of outstanding quality and are reasonably priced.

  • Kellz_420

I’ve been trying to contact any nearby dispensary via email and phone calls for weeks. The Herbary was the only one who could accomplish both. They not only emailed me, but they also called. Finally, I felt relieved. Even though it’s a long journey for me (I don’t drive and am disabled), they assisted me with discounts, which was amazing because I’m on a fixed income, but they were so helpful and pleasant. I’m completely satisfied with The Herbary. I’m delighted I added them to my MMP as my primary dispensary. I’ll make the trip cause they care. Thanks The Herbary..!! I’ll be back…..😜😋☺️

  • Joecal86

The variety of hemp flowers is hands down the best and the quality is amazing. Plus the people are so nice. 

Many users stated that the products produced by The Herbary are safe and easy to use. This could be one of the major reasons why users consider the brand as one of the most dependable in the hemp industry.

The little extra? You can enjoy 10% off your first purchase…. 

4 Reviews


Great prices, friendly staff and most importantly they have the strains on clip boards, none of this scrolling digital screen bs you see at every other store. Makes comparisons a snap! Had become my go to weed store

Cee C.

This place is a perfect example of how to run a business. Put aside the fact that Cannabis is not everyone's cup of tea, the customer service that is offered, along with their knowledge speaks volumes to me. The store itself is spotless, always well stocked and attentive to each and every customer. Very professional staff. Kudos to you all!

Amanda R.

Super clean, convenient and great service. Just read dogs are allowed now as well, so another bonus!! Definitely my go to place!


Super Beautiful setting. The helpers to find everything you need are a serious plus+++ LOVE THIS PLACE!

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