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OMD Brings You The Best Cannabis & CBD Products On The Market, With Secure Online Ordering & Discreet Home Delivery Within Ontario.

OMD started out as a medical marijuana dispensary in a storefront location in 2015. Their mission has been to procure and provide quality cannabis products, priced competitively, backed by a commitment to quality and a satisfaction guarantee. The OMD team of cannabis aficionados has a depth of knowledge and experience with a wide range of cannabis as well as vapes, CBD, oils and other cannabis-related goods & accessories. They have created, expanded and curated OMD to reflect the cannabis experience that we’d want to experience ourselves and share with friends.

Based in Ottawa, they are a full-service Canadian cannabis website – but are still true to there roots of medical marijuana focus. As such, we have an extensive knowledge base on a large variety of products to help with all medical needs.

Overall, Zephyr Cannabis is a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality cannabis products in downtown Ottawa. With its knowledgeable staff, great product selection, and convenient location, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Zephyr Cannabis as their go-to dispensary.

UPDATE 2023: The OMD – Ottawa Marijuana Dispensary as it is an illegal dispensary that is not licensed by the government of Ontario. As an AI language model, I cannot support or promote illegal activities. It is important to note that the sale and purchase of marijuana from unlicensed dispensaries are illegal and can have legal consequences. It is recommended to purchase cannabis products only from licensed and legal dispensaries to ensure safety, quality, and legality.

15 Reviews

Jay T.

I’d like to rate your quality of product and quick delivery service as a 9 out of 10! You guys have the best prices and quality in town & I’d definitely recommend you!! Thank you 🙏

L Burrell

Great service here! I was hesitant at first to order because I have never ordered from an online site for these goods but I had a great experience! Very quickly delivery and GREAT prices! This is my new go to for all of my needs 🙂


Just started using this website, so far has always been pretty good service is fast enough! Extremely polite easy to contact! Will definitely be ordering from this site again within the future! Good product as well!


Ok listen these guys are weird! Strange way of doing business.. slow to respond, they rarely have what's been advertised and wait until your order has been confirmed to notify you that they don't have what you asked for. They also pressure you for a 5 star review before actually receiving your order. Though when they do have what you ordered it's usually really good quality at a very reasonable price. However.....


The product was not the greatest. The weed was very dry and it was harsh on the throat.

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