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The Top 5 Cannabis Dispensaries In Westboro [2022]

The Top 5 Cannabis Dispensaries In Westboro [2022]

If you’re looking for a cool and trendy place Westboro is the place to be. The Hipster atmosphere has such a potential to elevate your high to a new level.

Westboro features some cool and trendy Cannabis Dispensaries in the area. For example The Superette Cannabis Store was the first Cannabis Dispensary in Ottawa to open legally to the public. They have a trendy 60’s/70’s atmosphere inside which features very artsy marketing techniques towards Cannabis users.

Westboro has 5-10 Dispensaries currently operating legally in Ottawa. These featured Cannabis dispensaries sell various products such as edibles, flower, concentrates and vape pens.

Here is a list of the Best Cannabis Dispensaries we have discovered in this beautiful region of Westboro.

How Much Does Marijuana Cost In Westboro ?

The table below shows a summary of how much your expected to pay when you walk into a Weed Dispensary in Westboro.

Flower $10-$50 Per 3.5 Grams
Edibles $6-$50 Per Package
Concentrates $20-$90 Per Package
Pre-Rolls $5-$50 Based On The Amount Of Joints
Drinks $6-$30 Based On Drink You Choose
Topicals $5-$60 Based On The Products You Choose

The Best Dispensaries In Westboro

Now that all the costs have been displayed, let’s dive into the best Cannabis Dispensaries In Westboro.


1. Superette Cannabis Store

Superette Cannabis Store
PRODUCTS Accessories, Apparel, Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vaporizers, Concentrates, Edibles, Topicals
WEBSITE https://superetteshop.com/
ADDRESS 1306 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3B2
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (613) 518-5020
OPERATING HOURS Mondays to Sundays: 9:00AM – 9:00PM

This Cannabis Dispensary was the first one to open up in the Ottawa region. The retro vibe/groove leaves you thinking you are in a 60’s/70’s vibe. I remember specifically going to this Dispensary because it was the only one open after all the illegal ones got closed/shutdown.

There Homepage offers a cool retro video game arcade vibe. You can choose from lots of apparels and accessories they sell. It seems like they want to focus more on selling branded products from there online store. They have lots of cool accessories you can browse and choose from. Anything ranging from Apperels to bongs, Superette Cannabis shop has it for you.

Before Covid, you were able to smell and see a selection of different types of strains. It was a good feel to smell and see the product through a magnifying glass before purchasing it. We hope that someday soon they bring that feature back. The inside vibe at Superette makes you feel like your at a 60’s diner shop ordering a milkshake (with weed). Hopefully they allow these Cannabis Dispensaries to sell coffee so you can sit and enjoy your coffee while smoking, similar to Amsterdam.


  • Website is easy to navigate and has a custom vibe
  • 972 Google Reviews with a rating of 4.4
  • Very Knowledgable Budtenders
  • Great inside Vibe while shopping
  • Awesome customer service
  • Super Amazing Dispensary with a retro diner vibe
  • The first Dispensary to open in Ottawa


  • Sometimes it can get busy and the wait time is long.


Customer Reviews

Superette Cannabis Store has an average of 4.4 stars with 972 reviews on Google, proving its reputability and quality of service. Here are some reviews left by clients:

“Every time I’m on Wellington West I do two things: Go to the Bagel Shop and go to Superette. It’s by far my favorite dispensary in Ottawa! The staff is really friendly, super knowledgeable and the selection is HUGE. Shout out to Lauren in the back for suggesting the Kolab Terp sticks! I loved them! Great store 10/10 would recommend! 👽🤙🙌

“Since our city has been taken over by the cannabis industry I have been to a variety of stores and the service delivery and product selection has been amazing at most. However I think where Suprette takes the cake is with their overall experience for the customer. When you walk into to the store you get to go back in time to an old school diner feel which is pretty unique compared to some of the clinical or tacky shops we have in the city. It’s not just a cannabis store but it’s an experience, they sell sweet merch and specifically at this location they are so friendly to all patrons even ones with 4 legs. When you walk in the person at the front counter is warm and welcoming. You are not always as well received compared to other stores where they check your ID before entry. Suprette Wellington is worth the drive from anywhere you’re located in the city. Don’t forget they have the best customer profile system/rewards program.“

“Been a very happy customer since the beginning, but they continue to go above and beyond. I placed an order today and they texted me to apologize for having to postpone delivery. That’s cool, things happen. But they then sent me a coupon code for my next order, said they’d toss in an extra for my patience, none of which was expected. Plus, they’re super fun to communicate with. AMAZING. Thank you!”


2. Unplug Cannabis Co.

Unplug Cannabis Co. Westboro
PRODUCTS Flower, Gear, Edibles, Pre-Rolls, Vape, Topicals,Extract, Tinctures, Seeds, Merch
WEBSITE https://www.unplugcannabis.com/
ADDRESS 261 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6X3
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (613) 792-1414
OPERATING HOURS Mondays to Saturdays: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sundays : 10:00 AM – 8:00PM

Unplug Cannabis CO. is a legal cannabis retailer incorporating wellness in the Westboro Region. They act as guides to assist individuals looking to incorporate mindfulness and wellness into their daily lives. They’re motto is to encourage people to UNPLUG and reconnect with themselves in order to experience personal fulfilment and growth.

Whether you are looking for in-depth education, technical assistance, or just quick service so you can get back to your busy life, the diverse staff are there to guide you on your cannabis journey. They can be called all the names in the book cannabis store, weed shop, cannabis dispensary, or weed dispensary it’s up to you to choose which one fits your needs.

They have a section on there website where you can book a Budtender for 5-10 minutes so they can assist you in choosing what’s right for you. It seems that you will be able to do a zoom call or skype session where they will answer any questions you might have regarding Cannabis. The link to book is here.

There website online shop is different then the other Dispensaries in Ottawa. It looks like it’s a custom design webshop. You have more options and the selection seems easier to choose. For example you can filter more categories and select a certain amount of THC you’d like to choose from. They have a wellness/Recovery section where they feature lots of CBD products to help with your needs.


  • Great Quality & Selection
  • Great Staff that answered all questions asked
  • Prices are on point
  • Very friendly delivery drivers (Knowledgeable)


  • Online ordering system is a bit complicated to use

Customer Reviews

A five-star review from Frank G. via Google says:

“Friendly neighborhood shop. It is in a great location and the size of the shop provides for comfortable, seamless shopping experience. Great variety of products and courteous, knowledgeable staff that take the time to provide insight and recommendations for products. Thank you blue bird you have become my shop of choice!”

Another review from Eric Kaiser reads:

“It’s a small space, which isn’t ideal during a pandemic. The screens showing their inventory move a little quickly for my liking, but I’m getting older 😁. At the door they gave me a coupon for 20% off my “first” purchase, which I learned at the register was to be my second purchase, which was disappointing to me. Their prices, especially for their cartridges, were quite good however. 3.5 stars.”


3. Tokyo Smoke [Westboro]

tokyo smoke wellington
PRODUCTS Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vaporizers, Concentrates, Edibles, Oil, Capsules, Topicals
WEBSITE https://stores.tokyosmoke.com/on/ottawa-open/297-richmond-rd
297 Richmond Rd
OttawaON K1Z 6X
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (343) 588-0008
OPERATING HOURS Mondays to Sundays: 9:00AM-11:00PM
Tokyo Smoke Westboro.o. is a local Kanata Cannabis Store that is family-owned and operated. ROLL’D Cannabis weed shop has a variety selection of cannabis cultivars, strains, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, CBD and Oils. It’s a fully licensed Ontario Cannabis Retail Store founded by two long-time cannabis enthusiasts & advocates.

Tokyo Smoke is on 1000 Wellington opened Monday to Sunday 9AM-11PM. It is your nearest legal recreational cannabis and weed dispensary offering flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, beverages, topicals, extracts, oil, capsules, sprays and all cannabis related accessories in the heart of Ottawa.

They also have a click & collect service with a pick-up your order in under 5 minutes as you discover which CBD or THC strain is best for you through our intent categories of Go, Rise, Equalize, Ease, and Pause.

There cannabis educational specialists in-store are also trained to help you make a well-informed decision about your consumption, so stop by Tokyo Smoke 1000 Wellington, give them a call and book a one-on-one.


  • Rewards Program
  • Deals on products every week
  • Great Selection Of Cannabis Products
  • Staff are super friendly
  • Great business hours


  • Customer service complaints on Google Reviews

Customer Reviews

4.4 Rating On Google 210 Reviews (June 2022)

A five-star review from Dylan via Google says:

“My go to spot for anything cannabis related. The selection is spot on and the rewards program really pays off if you’re a regular smoker. They have deals every week or two which save you a couple bucks here and there – but the rewards program is what saves you the most money. Great selection of flower & there’s always something new to try.

My only feedback would be to treat your employees better – it’s clear you’re making big profits & you have a good business model – pay your employees more, give them better discounts and give them better benefits!!!

4/5 stars”

Another review from Tiffany Blake reads:

“I have been coming here since they first opened, and the staff are always super welcoming and friendly! I always leave happy knowing I made an informed purchase thanks to their expertise Oh and I can’t forget my dog loves all the employees at the store who give him treats when he comes to visit!”


4. SPIRITLEAF Cannabis

spirit leaf cannabis

PRODUCTS Flowers, Pre-Rolls, Vaporizers, Concentrates, Edibles, Topicals, Seeds, Accessories, Apperal
WEBSITE https://spiritleaf.ca/
ADDRESS  1200B Wellington Street West Ottawa Ontario K1Y 2Z7
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (613) 421-1400
OPERATING HOURS Mondays to Saturda: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM

This hipster business district features more than 500 unique local shops and restaurants, including Maker House Co. which is home to 100 regional artisans. Locals and tourists can enjoy live music when visiting the classic Elmdale Oyster House & Tavern.

The westboro community also showcases funky street art, as well as Ottawa’s largest professional, independent theatre. Offering something for everyone! Learn more about the recreational cannabis retail experience by visiting a dispensary near you.

Spiritleaf aims to be the most knowledgeable and trusted cannabis Dispensary in the Westboro area. They believe in connecting people in a world deeply divided by conflict. They believe that everyone matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity or creed. There aim is to foster a true community spirit through what we stand for, who we serve and the products we provide.


  • Very knowledgeable staff
  • Great Selection of Products
  • Great Prices
  • Staff is very knowledgeable
  • Friendly Staff Great Staff
  • Strains are very fresh


  • Online shop not easy to navigate

Customer Reviews

The Google Reviews are 4.9 Rating with 159 Reviews (June 2022)

A review from Dylan Erwin via Google says:

“This is by far the best cannabis dispensary in the area! The selection is always great, from high-end craft cannabis to value brands like Shred, and prices that are way lower than almost any dispensary in the area. The staff is extremely friendly, always in a great mood and ready to answer any questions. They stay up to date on product knowledge and always seem to have great recommendations. HIGHLY recommended!”

A review from Deep Focus Media also via Google reads:

“When there’s a dispensary on every corner it seems hard to find one that stands out from the crowd- until you step into this Spiritleaf location. Extremely knowledgeable staff, great selection at some of the lowest prices in the city, friendly vibes and just overall a fantastic place to stop into to grab your cannabis!

A review from Tim Weynerowski also via Google reads:

“Great and friendly staff. Clean store. Nice range of products.
I will say that Ontario has way more expensive weed (in general) than the provincial stores in Québec (SQDC), as well as way fewer strains of pot. I suppose private stores don’t have the same purchasing power nor amount of clients.
I can often buy the same weed oral spray (Penelope by Tweed) cheaper in QC than in Ontario for example.”


5.  True North Cannabis

True North Cannabis
PRODUCTS Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vaporizers, Concentrates, Edibles, Topicals, Accessories
WEBSITE https://www.tncc.ca/
ADDRESS 1262 Wellington St. W,
Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A5
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (613) 902-2556
Monday – Wednesday: 10am – 9pm
Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

True North Cannabis Co.’s main location in Ottawa, Ontario is available for online ordering and in store pick-up daily.

They offer these deals:

Bulk Monday 10% off Selected Ounces
Tasty Tuesday 10% off Selected edibles
Wellness Wednesday 10% off Selected CBD items
Thirsty Thursday 10% off Selected drinks
TGI Friday’s 10% off Selected accessories
Shatterday – 10% off Selected Shatter
Self Care Sundays -10% off Selected Topicals

True North Cannabis Co. was founded in 2020, with the goal of being Ontario’s biggest cannabis store and retail chain.

Just after a year of being founded, they have established and opened 40+ stores in small towns across Central and Southern Ontario, with 10 more coming in the next few months. The convenience that they offer is paired with the expertise that there staff and budtenders give to clients.

What sets True North Cannabis Co. apart from other dispensaries is the competitive prices they have.

Aside from there customer-friendly approach. True North Cannabis Co. prides itself as a product-forward cannabis store. There broad range of cannabis solutions and quality smoking accessories fit all levels of varying needs. Meticulously detailed and tagged, there products provide all the information that customers may need.


  • VIP Program
  • Promotions
  • Great article selection on there blog
  • Very Nice and Clean Area
  • The in store design with cards is a plus


  • You cannot enter with your pet

Customer Reviews

They have a 4.2 Star Rating On Google with 13 reviews. (June 2022)

A five-star review from Danielle Parmar via Google says:

“Absolutely lowest prices when it comes to carts, and it still has a wide selection of quality OCS carts. Staff is quick.”

Aroma also left a review via Google saying:

“John an employee working there was very rude with his customers and i saw him abusing a customer who was gentle asking him if she can return an item that she just bought and found out that it was damaged
He also sold my friend a 30$ thing for 80$”

Jackie left a review via Google saying:

Absolutely amazing weed store 😍 Wedding cake is my favorite!!”

Heather Daines left a review Via Google saying:

In conclusion the Marijuana Dispensaries In Westboro has a very hipster and trendy vibe. The in store experience at these Dispensaries really feels different for each one.

The staff at all the dispensaries we reviewed were all very friendly, they answered all of our questions we had asked about the different types of weed strains and the effects you get from it.

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