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What are the different Kinds Of Marijuana Strains?

What are the different Kinds Of Marijuana Strains?

There is a rising usage of cannabis or marijuana in the United States. According to a 2018 study, cannabis usage has decreased among teens, but for American adults, it has greatly increased on a daily basis. Forbes says the global marijuana industry is estimated at $7.7-billion and is projected to hit around $31.4-billion in 2021.

This may sound alarming, but marijuana is legalized in some parts of the country. It is used in different forms of medication for medical conditions, like epilepsy, anxiety and chronic pain. A recreational or medical cannabis user can tell you about their experience, however, the substance is never created equal. The marijuana strains can have different effects on someone; hence, it is used for a variety of reasons.

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What is a Marijuana Strain?

If you go into a cannabis dispensary, you will notice that there are several types of this product. Actually, there are no established guidelines or labs that do quality control checks on a variety of marijuana strains. Patients are never assured they get the same products if they approach different dispensaries; however, they get the same quality.

Marijuana strains are classified in three categories – Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. Indica originates from the Hindu Kush mountains in India, where the blends have dry and skunk-like odor. These are sedating, relaxing and can relieve pain and stress. Patients say they are best for chronic pains.  Sativas, on the other hand, are generally sweet, floral aromas and are energizing and inspirational. They are helpful to separate the mind from pain. While hybrid is a combination of both. However, industry experts are now reconsidering these categories as they find the categories meaningless.

Is Medical Marijuana a Wonder Drug or a Dangerous Herb?

Medical marijuana may be legal in some states, but the drug itself is dangerous along with heroin, cocaine and PCP. Some people may oppose to its legalization, but there are some who experience the medical benefits of marijuana. Although medical cannabis may have undergone several debates and arguments, while researchers continue their tests for the usage of medical marijuana, some have come up with a variety of marijuana strains to treat specific illnesses. As tests and researches prove scientific and credible results, many medical experts see the potential of medical marijuana. For this reason, many states support the usage of medicinal marijuana.

Just like any drug found inside the medicine cabinet, it can pose risks if not used properly. Every medicine has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and what more if it’s cannabis. Researchers and experts found out that marijuana has many medical benefits. It is said to provide relief for AIDS wasting syndrome and the nausea of those undergoing chemotherapy sessions. Just like risks in other drugs, medical marijuana side effects can include euphoric mood swings, relaxed or impaired motor functions, and probably an increase in appetite. However, using medical marijuana for some time will not resort to long-term side effects nor possible risks of overdose.

Although there are some positive talks about medical cannabis, doctors still say the herb can still pose some risks. Their main concern is more on the effects of marijuana smoking. The substance has harmful chemicals and tar in comparison to regular cigarettes. Although this is proven, there is no way to smoke several sticks of marijuana per day. Moreover, many mobile devices have been introduced in the market nowadays, and these may vaporize marijuana instead of smoking it.

How to Select a Strain

Depending on the effect you desire, you can opt for any variety of marijuana strains. As mentioned earlier, the substance has several medical uses, but there are strains more better in treating certain conditions. Perhaps you need to do some research on the potential adverse effects of the strain. The common side effects of marijuana strains are dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth. It can also have an interaction with other medications you may be taking. Before operating any machine, never use marijuana.

The Marijuana Strains You Must Try

Many people often ask what the best marijuana strain is to try out. But the answer will have to depend on the individual, his location and current condition. Below, you’ll be represented with few marijuana strains from the heaviest Indicas, to the brightest Sativas, and the perfectly balanced hybrids. These come in different strain types, effects, flavors, aromas and origins.

  • 9 Pound Hammer

This marijuana strain is a powerful Indica. It offers one sedative experience where it’s heavy hitting and fast acting. It’s perfect for pain and sleeplessness while promoting lasting relaxation. However, midway to the experience, there is a sedative effect from the weed. Here you’ll experience drowsiness, heaviness and couch locking. As the cannabis strain is 80% Indica, its effects are amazingly physical. Take this weed at nighttime to make you sleepy quickly.

The strain’s diverse lineage has accumulated some medical therapeutic properties. It appeals many medical marijuana users, as it relieves them from pain, stress and insomnia. It also provides relief for those suffering from depression. Some patients use it to relieve headaches and eye pressures.

The 9 Pound Hammer can come in oil pens through a selected brand, Caligold. The shatters, waxes and concentrates are also available in many retail drugstores.

  • Acapulco Gold

It’s a Sativa type known to be one of the best marijuana strains and compared to having dinner at a luxury restaurant. It originated in Acapulco, Mexico with the strain having orange hairs that resembles a gold nugget. Once the bud is broken, you can smell a burnt toffee aroma. However, it is difficult to find nowadays as most growers have resorted to moving indoors.

The strain can result to a powerful cerebral high and raises the mood without causing overpowering feelings of happiness. However, such feeling can calm the body for a soothing experience. Sometimes, one can experience anxiety and mild paranoia. Users will usually have dry eyes, dry mouth and headaches when this marijuana strain is used.

For those suffering PTSD or general anxiety disorder, the weed can relieve them from anxiety and stress. Those with depression have their moods uplifted. It is also said to relieve chronic pains and aches.

  1. Blue Dream

This is a popular marijuana strain that you may have heard about. It’s a hybrid strain type which has been produced in Santa Cruz, California way back in 2000. Also known as Blueberry Haze, it offers a sweet, sourish berry aroma with earth, pepper and citrus. When exhaled, the smoke seems like blueberries and sugar. Aside from having at least 20-25% of THC, the substance contains many high terpenes which can be antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-asthmatic.

Other medical properties of the weed include a combination of mild relaxation and euphoric cerebral effects which aid the body. It stimulates the mind to uplift the spirits, relieve depression and anxiety, and relax the thoughts. It’s also perfect for treating pain and nausea but has less powerful effect due to inducing heavy sedation.

If you’re a recreational user or medical patient who wants to stay active and alert, then consider using this strain. However, every individual can have different effects.

The cannabis strain can be grown on your own, where yields are produced after three to four months. The weed is susceptible to spider mites and powdery mildew, which as a breeder, you need to be wary.

  • Berry White

This is an Indica-dominant strain that resulted to the crossing of Blueberry with White Widow. This is where the name Berry White was derived. It’s more appropriate for seasoned marijuana smokers than beginners. The weed has an Indica effect, which can relax the mind and body. As it also has some effect from Sativa genetics, it makes the smoker euphoric, uplifted and happy.

The relaxing effects of the weed make it a good treatment for stress and anxiety. It is quite helpful for those with insomnia to calm down the overactive mind and deeply relax the body. As you smoke Berry White, it can positively uplift your mood, and therefore is a great relief for depression. If you’re suffering from migraines and muscular pains, the weed can treat it in moderate levels. The substance is also said to enhance your appetite.

However, smokers of the weed can experience severe dry mouth and dry eyes. It can also develop a negative couch-lock effect, which can be experienced in other marijuana strains.

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEVCmpjonQQ   This is a Sativa marijuana strain with several medicinal applications and can leave users happy and relaxed. It’s basically grown outdoors in the northern climates, probably the reason why it got its Alaskan name. It has a different aroma and flavor similar to ammonia, menthol, skunk and pine. Marijuana experts can observe the orange and spicy banana taste that linger on the tongue. The aroma has a diesel-like taste.

This cannabis strain is best known for its medical benefits, which is popular in the medical marijuana community. It heals muscle spasms and chronic back pains through its soothing effects. Smoke the weed at daytime to boost your energy levels and to make you alert and active. When suffering from PTSD, depression or anxiety, the Alaskan Thunder Fuck can help manage all these.

  • Cannatonic

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ye3n6zDaYM   This is medicinal and intended for patients who long for relief. It was developed by a Spanish seed bank, where breeders kept the CBD content high and the THC content low, to suit the medical needs of patients. Cannatonic is used to treat conditions, discomforts, pains, aches and disorders. It is a good relief for physical and mental conditions. So, if you’re suffering from headaches, migraines, chronic pain, joint pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, stomach cramps, menstrual pains and other discomforts, the weed still surely achieves the relief you need. The cannabis strain is also excellent for serious and debilitating conditions, like epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

  • Granddaddy Purple

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP9juxnxopM   It’s a renowned Indica strain introduced in California in 2003. The plant has a complex grape and berry aroma derived from its parents, Purple Urkle, and an oversized, compact bud structure from Big Bud.  This strain is best for relaxation, where you can have an incredible feeling at one time. It’s a favorite purple colored cannabis strain with exotic candylike aroma in vibrant shades. GDP is citrusy and sweet, and your taste buds can distinguish the tangs of berries, grapes and other delights.

If you feel pain, insomnia, stress, depression or lack of appetite, you’ll discover how this marijuana plant can help you. The weed can also make your body numb to chronic pain, especially when it’s debilitating. However, you’ll be experiencing dry mouth and dry eyes when taking this form of marijuana. Just keep yourself hydrated by drinking fluids before, during and after consumption.

  • Amnesia Strain

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOE2iiaPHfg This marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant variant with pleasant effects and very helpful healing capabilities. Many medical marijuana patients savor this variant due to the high levels of THC and thus provides head to toe relief. It has an enjoyable citrus fruity and aromatic flavor. Why this weed is a favorite among seasoned users is alleviating the moods and its healing components. However, the intense cerebral effects it produces can be too much for those beginning to smoke.

Smoking Amnesia will make you happier, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and giggly. However, it’s adverse reaction can get you paranoid, anxious, dizzy, and experience dry eyes and dry mouth. As it is a form of medical marijuana, it can be a good relief for pain, headaches, fatigue, depression and stress.

If you want to breed this marijuana strain, ensure that it’s legal in your area. You can plant it indoors and wait to harvest after eight to nine weeks. The weed is so easy to grow and will survive in temperate Mediterranean climate. However, it needs protection against common molds and mildews.

  • Cinderella 99


This hybrid strain makes you dreamy and euphoric that you feel you’re in a fairytale. Its flavor is fruity and sharp, with short indoor-growing plant shape, powerful and long-lasting high to make seasoned users feel they are in a world of fantasy.

Medicinally, the eloquent plant can provide relief for physical, mental and emotional medical conditions, symptoms and illnesses. The weed has also been accepted by the medical marijuana communities. It will improve loss of appetite, nausea, mild to moderate arthritis, chronic fatigue disorder, joint aches and pains, inflammation, muscle cramping, migraines and chronic pain.

If you want to take Cinderella 99 for physical relief, try to look for better options than traditional smoking. You can take extracts, concentrates, edibles, gummies, candies, chocolates and tinctures, so you have a substantial quantity of THC. These methods are harmless to the lungs. However, you need to be extra careful if Cindy is taken in large doses. The weed is believed to be potent and can cause adverse effects.

  • Hindu Kush

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uCRcUMqRC8   This Indica strain is one of the most important in the marijuana industry. It has a high-quality hash aroma with rich musky note and exotic spice. The medical effects of smoking Hindu Kush can make you have a sense of relaxation and lethargy. You can use the strain for several hours, so you can unwind and watch a movie or listen to great music. If you have problems like stress, insomnia and muscle pain, the weed can help treat all your feelings.

To be a breeder of Hindu Kush, you need to buy seeds which are feminized, auto- flowering, or the regular versions. This type of weed is offered globally, although these can be offered in Europe only.  It really depends on the legality.

  • Durban Poison

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wna1X3WQA8   This cannabis strain originates back in history from the African Sativas, which are pure, powerful and energizing. This marijuana type grew freely in the windswept plains of South Africa with 100% sativa genetic makeup and a strong THC content. The weed has a unique, harmonious and balanced blend of sweet and spicy just like what your caffeine does. It has a rich taste combined with great flavors that your tongue would love to savor.

The weed has a clean and energizing high, that will never leave your body tired or stony. It’s best to be taken at daytime so you feel less stressed out and motivated. It can even make you perform heavy workouts and exercises. Your mind is filled with creative and euphoric thoughts that last the entire day.

The CBD content of the strain is around 1%; hence, it isn’t ideal for healing medical conditions, such as seizures and cancer. However, its high THC content is best to relieve you from physical or mental pains. Those suffering from depression, anxiety and stress can be calmed down from their overly stimulated minds. If you have psychological symptoms, then smoking the Durban Poison can achieve best results. However, you need to consume the weed in moderation.

  • Dutch Treat

If you’re a marijuana user, you’ll know what exactly comes to your mind. The Dutch Treat strain is part of the Indica marijuana family and is usually served in coffee shops at Amsterdam.  If you’re a marijuana user, consider Amsterdam in your travel list and visit these shops to try rare marijuana in variable tastes and preferences. It will definitely have amazing effects into your mind and body.

This marijuana sort will get you quickly on cloud nine. The high feeling will last around two hours on the average. Reviews strongly suggest that users can have after-effects that make them feel euphoric and uplifted. The strain can surely calm you down and take off the load. It has always been a favorite and will keep users on track. The weed can also soothe and improve the moods. It will also reduce stress and relax the mind.

For healing purposes, the Dutch Treat will treat patients suffering from fatigue, insomnia, depression, chronic pain and stress.

  • Obama Kush 

This is an Indica dominant strain that was introduced in Michigan. This cannabis strain offers all-around effects and is proven beneficial to many patients with different experience levels. The weed can provide powerful physical effects while uplifting the cerebral high. Despite its potency, you’ll never feel tired and will have a great time meditating and relaxing.

While it may provide happy euphoria and deep relaxation, it also provides a variety of medicinal purposes. It fights pain and treats the agony of patients suffering spinal cord injury. The weed is also efficient to treat migraines, a relief that can be difficult to find. The strain can also minimize anxiety, treat deficit disorders and post traumatic stress disorders. It is best used at nighttime where your body can be relaxed and relieved from pain.

  • Laughing Buddha

Classified as a Sativa Strain, this powerful marijuana type is the best medicine for depression. It induces laughter, smiles and giggles making a contented experience. Hence, it derived its name as the marijuana user can find relief in their worries, calm their minds and remind them to take deep breaths.

This is the greatest marijuana type where you learn to let go. The Laughing Buddha strain originated from the Amsterdam based Barney’s Farm where genetic crossing were made of Thai Sativa and Jamaican Sativa. It’s a plant that can survive in bright and sunny conditions.

This weed has a simple and sweet aroma smelling like a bag of candies. The moment you puff the weed, you’ll have an instant desire to taste it. Appearance-wise, it has a classy herbal look, with its buds in oval shape and a bit larfy.

Puffing the Laughing Buddha will make you jittery and hyperactive. All you ever feel is immense joy, which you need when attending social gatherings that need more chatting and enjoyable conversations.

  • Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple has produced a wide variety of flavored fruit and drinks. It’s also used in clothing lines with tiny pineapples or pineapple colors. Marijuana breeders have also made it a hybrid strain just for a taste of tropics seasoned users want to try. It has a variable THC content more powerful and enjoyable than the Pineapple Express. The aroma is a pineapple scent with funky cheese.

If you’re a new marijuana user, take the pineapple chunk in moderation. The cannabis strain will provide an amazing euphoric high that can enhance your moods. If taken in small doses, users can become creative, productive and motivated. However, the weed can provide a wild cerebral high which makes you hallucinate.

For medical purposes, the strain can reduce anxiety and uplift those suffering from depression. It’s also a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory. If taken in huge doses, it will numb the pain, so you can lull to sleep. However, you need to be extra careful as it can trigger panic attacks or paranoia.

Marijuana Strains Usefulness

Before you try to grow different types of cannabis strains, ensure it is legal in your state to avoid problems with the law. The names of strains indicated above will surely ease your life, especially if you have certain medical conditions that require such treatments. It can also be used for recreation but may need to be taken only in moderation.

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